Morton Faulkner is the writing team of Nik Morton and Gordon Faulkner.


Gordon created the world of Floreskand many years ago (see below) and is still busy fleshing out that creation.


Nik is the workhorse of the team. He does nearly all the physical writing, putting Gordon's thoughts into print, and provides Gordon with little creative gems of his own to feed Floreskand's growth.

Gordon Faulkner

Nik Morton

Floreskand was born in 1970. It was not a difficult birth, but it was unexpected.


In that year the Moody Blues released their 6th album, A Question of Balance, which contained many great tracks. The 7th track was Minstrel's Song which inspired Gordon to start writing a fantasy about a group of wandering minstrels who were not all that they seemed.


In one part of that story they are sheltering in a cave in mountains when one character starts to tell legends about Floreskand, a land supposedly on the other side the mountains, where in the distant past, a great city called Lornwater, built close to a mysterious lake from which it takes its name, dominated the central region.


From that point on the name of Lornwater would not leave him alone. It demanded attention and wanted its own history and stories.


The history of Lornwater and its place in the longer history of Floreskand(which has a history of over 3,500 years)is now unfolding.


The first series of stories cover only the five year period of Lornwater's civil war.